Destiny 2 Cross-Saves have gone live, but not without a few hiccups

One of the biggest shortcomings of Bungie’s Destiny’s franchise was the ability to play with friends on multiple platforms. The game is perfect for cross-play, but with corporate politics at play, the odds of that happening soon seems a bit slim.

The second best option however was always the ability to able to play with the same characters and gear you acquired on multiple platforms, provided you have a copy of the game on said platform. This is finally happening with Cross-Save, which went live last night, albeit with a few snags along the way.

Many players reported issues, the most common being a “500 Error”. The same issue seems to be happening with the Steam transfer of Destiny 2 accounts from Blizzard’s platform.

Bungie did acknowledge the issues that some players are experiencing, saying they are monitoring and investigating the issues:

It makes sense why Bungie is doing the Steam transfer and cross-save integration a month before the launch of Shadowkeep, the next expansion into the Destiny 2 Saga, since it will give them time to iron out any possible issues.

Source: Gamesradar

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