Battlefield’s competitive 5v5 mode cancelled to focus on existing modes

In the latest “letter from the front“, an update on the state of Battlefield 5 from DICE’s senior producer Ryan McArthur, there is a section detailing competitive gameplay that explains that the 5v5 mode is no more.

“Not creating this mode was a tough decision, but vital for us to more quickly reach our bug-crushing and content goals.”

However, we will still pursue building a competitive gaming experience in Battlefield. We know that there’s already an existing competitive scene in our community, and we’re helping build features to support these communities. We want to work more closely with our players to help improve the tools that they have available to shape their play experience. This way, we can better support the places where competitive Battlefield V play already exists.”

“This change in focus allows us to better deliver on our promise of new content that we know our players will love, as well as providing new ways to enjoy some of our more intense existing modes.”

Besides the competitive news, the next game update (4.4) will fix some stuttering issues and desyncs on hitboxes. Future patches will work on game stability, how the UI communicates damage and more. Patch 4.4 will also increase max rank from 50 to 500.

McArthur also mentions that the letters from the front will become a monthly update now, allowing for better communication and transparency going forward.

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