The massive 16-player Fleet Carriers arrive in Elite Dangerous in December

Sometimes you want to fly around in space with your friends. There is nothing wrong with that. Elite Dangerous might be about going out on your own and exploring the massive open spaces and feeling insignificantly small while looking at the marvels of the galaxy, but sometimes you want to do this with friends. And what better way to come together, or prove your fiscal might, than a massive Fleet Carrier?

Frontier Developments had initially planned to release the big hulking ships in a 2018 update called Beyond. Those plans were moved back a full year after Fleet Carriers were “reprioritised”

These 16-player vessels serve as a mobile base of operations for you and your friends. Probably funded as a group effort, unless you are one of the space nuevo rich, these ships have 16 landing pads – eight large, four medium and four small – and owners can set permissions to make sure you aren’t docked by a stranger or bad actor.

Onboard players can rearm, refuel, repair and the carrier can be tailored to certain playstyles by equipping various load-outs. Whether you are bounty hunters or explorers, the Fleet Carrier could be the backbone of your activities.

All Fleet Carriers can jump 500 LY. These big chonkers use special fuel though, so make sure you have enough or know how to get more before going on a long journey.

Before this, a smaller update will introduce several quality-of-life improvements in September, including a fully-voiced in-ship tutorial to help new players. (The current system is a bunch of videos explaining controls and various aspects).

I think I better get saving and find a crew that wants to go exploring or mining somewhere out in the vast reaches.

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