Two Point Hospital going the way of the little green men with upcoming DLC

Our very own Abigail reviewed Two Point Hospital back in September 2018 and gave it a great 8.5. Since then, it has been doing a great job of staying front-of-mind. Not only have there been multiple updates and DLC drops but the big news in May was that the developer Two Point Studio would soon be acquired by SEGA. Then later in July, we got the news that the game would be coming to consoles too. And now, here we are talking about Two Point Hospital again. In less than a week, you can expect yet another themed DLC pack, this time entitled: Close Encounters.

So what can you look forward to in the new alien-focussed addition? According to the announcement on Twitter:

Get ready to wear those tin foil hats, Two Point Hospital goes extra terrestrial with the all-new Close Encounters DLC on August 29th! Bringing new illnesses, cures and of course Aliens!

The announcement included a cool video which we’ve included below which gives me serious Woody-Harrelson’s-Charlie-Frost-character-in-disaster-movie-‘2012’-vibes. And I’ve got to say, I kinda love it.

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