Hands-on: Doom Eternal (Gamescom)

Doom Guy, Doom Slayer or Doom Marine. No matter what you call him, there’s no denying that he is a lean, mean, demon slaying machine. We just got our hands on the over-the-top shooter and here is what we saw.

Jumping, dashing, dodging and hooking

One of the big updates that the gaming instructor stresses is increased mobility. This is achieved through double jumps, air dashes (also double dashes) and the ability to climb up walls. You will have to use these new skills to traverse around some pretty tricky sections of the world which almost gives the game an action adventure feel. These skills are also important while you are in combat as you constantly need to
just get some distance between yourself and the horde of enemies bombarding you.

Wham, bam, thank you mam

The combat system is as chaotic and crazy as ever. The games gives you the option to either shoot, saw and, now with the newly added shoulder cannon, burn your way through way through your enemies. When you’ve done enough damage your enemy will become staggered and start flashing yellow. By a press of R3 you are able to perform a glory kill, ripping your enemy to shreds. In the beginning of my tutorial I tried to just shoot my way through my enemies but I soon realised that the glory kills were not just a fancy mechanic. It was vitally important as performing a glory kill drops additional health. To help you get closer to enemies, the “super shotgun” is equipped with a hook that zooms you towards your enemy. Perfect if you have a low health enemy on the other side of the map and you are in desperate need of health. Just like the glory kill drops health, every method of attack results in a different item being dropped such as shield generation or ammo. All of these are important if you want to survive as I soon realised after dying multiple times during my playthrough.

A new feature of the game is an “extra life system”. As you run around the world you may discover a floating green helmet which gives you an extra life if you die. This means you will not restart at the last checkpoint when dying but be given a second chance to have a go at your enemies. This was extremely useful as the fights were not easy. Lastly, the guns can also be equipped with special mods such as charged shots but because I was just frantically running around trying to survive, I hardly used these while in battle.

The enemies are tough and require you to move around the map, constantly searching for health and ammo. The game also had a good variety of enemies, ranging from non-aggressive demons (that are basically used for glory kills to restore your health) to a powerful Doomhunter that kept getting the better of me.

Same same but different

If you are used to normal shooters (like me) Doom Eternal is a big step up in pace and intensity. After my playthrough I was sweating profusely and it felt like I had just run a marathon. However if you are a fan of frantic demon hunting then you will love this new installment of Doom.

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