Square Enix isn’t looking at a Final Fantasy XIV sequel right now

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida said there are no plans to make a sequel just yet.

Speaking to German website Spieletipps, Yoshida and main story writer Banri Oda said that the team is committed to the current game and that there are still content and update ideas for the current game.

Many might wonder why no thought has been put on a sequel, but Final Fantasy XIV is the healthiest it has ever been, with some 16 million subscribers. Shadowbringers has pulled in the subscribers and the accolades and story-wise, there is a lot to explore still.

Square Enix is currently in talks with Microsoft to bring the MMO to the Xbox One, but no concrete plan has come about yet.

Yoshida also mentioned in the interview that the subscription model allowed for quicker game updates, with more customisation and gear options for Viera and Hrothgar on the cards.

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