Additional betas incoming – MHW: Iceborne

Less than two weeks away from Iceborne’s launch, Capcom has announced additional betas incoming this weekend. The perfect opportunity to either dust off the rust. Or push you over the fence, if you’re still not sure on whether you’ll be venturing into the ice lands.

If you missed out on the previous Iceborne beta, you’ll now have a chance to hunt down the Great Jagras, Barbaro, and ferocious Tigrex. For those who hunted these monsters in the previous beta, don’t worry, as Capcom has you covered. For the first time, hunters will be able to go up against Iceborne’s flagship elder dragon, the Velkhana. Hunters will have access to the 14 weapon types as well as the Clutch Claw. Make sure you clear the quests, as each completed quest will grant you a special commendation pack, that’ll kickstart your icy adventure.

The details for each beta are as follows:
PlayStation 4
– Begins: 30 August – 9 am SA (12 am PDT)
– Ends: 2 September – 8:59 am SA (11:59 pm PDT / 1 September)
Xbox One
– Begins: 2 September – 9 am SA (12 am PDT)
– Ends: 5 September – 8:59 am SA (11:59 pm PDT / 4 September)
Players will be able to preload from this Wednesday, the 28th of August.

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