Mario Kart Tour launches on iOS and Android next month

Nintendo has been making a small fortune by eventually launching all its popular franchises on mobile. Considering that they once had two very distinct incomes (GBA/GameCube, DS/Wii, 3DS/Wii U), this is now very much that second income, now that the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid of both a portable and home console. It only makes sense that Mario Kart Tour is next in line to head to mobile phones and it is coming next month.

Not all that much is known about it, to be honest, but they have now launched an official Twitter page dedicated to the game with a 25 September release date for both iOS and Android. You can also jump on your phone right this very moment and pre-order the game, which works on a free to play model. So it’s not like it’ll cost you anything right now. Expect to hear and see more about it as we close in on its launch date.

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