Frostpunk’s first expansion invites you to The Rifts

It is time to return to a world that is freezing over to look after cities again. Frostpunk, the city-builder that makes you care about the society and its many factions and issues just got a paid DLC update called The Rifts.

Frostpunk has received a year of free content updates and now it is time to take something out of your wallet if you want the latest challenge. The Rift adds a brand-new Endless Mode map, where you have to contend with large ravines crisscrossing the buildable area around your precious heat generator. Build massive bridges and work out how to create islands of heat away from the cosy sides of your favourite building, while working out what fits on each jagged piece of land. Besides bridges there are some other new mechanics to help you fend for your people in this unforgiving new map.

The Rifts is the first DLC in a new Season Pass but can be bought separately for R42 on Steam right now. The Season Pass is currently on promotion and selling for R176.40 and will give you access to The Rifts, The Last Autumn and Project ‘TVADGYCGJR’. The Last Autumn is set just as the heat death starts, with a new scenario, lore, narrative and architecture and mechanics to showcase the beginning of the end. Project ‘TVADGYCGJR’ ( a code for players to try crack) involves a scouting party sent to New London, and more information is promised once The Last Autumn launches in Q4 this year.

For those who don’t want to spend money, a free update just added three new Endless Mode maps based on the maps from The Arks, Refugees and Fall of Winterhome scenario maps.

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