Big Wolfenstein: Youngblood patch fixes many of the game’s shortcomings

While I liked a good chunk of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, there was quite the list of shortfalls that the game suffered from because of its new systems. After the review, while I was doing some completionist stuff, I really got to see the faults for what they are and just how grindy the game is when all of the progress is taken out of the equation. However, a lot of the qualms I had with the game have been somewhat addressed in the latest big patch for the game.

The full patch list can be found here with all the changes, but the highlights include easier boss fights, reduced “bullet-sponginess” of enemies, more heavy ammo around difficult areas, enemy health bars can be turned off in the options menu (except for the armour types) and increased weapon switching speed.

That’s not all though as they’re also doubling the damage of damage done to enemies with the incorrect weapon type and the Shotgun, Autopistol and SMG damage outputs have been increased. Additionally, there are some changes being made to the tutorial collectables to make them easier to collect.

These are some massive changes that address a lot of the specific problems that I had with the game and I’m almost mad that they’re now being patched after I’ve mostly finished with it. The bullet-sponge changes and increased damage is huge to make the game feel more like how a Wolfenstein game should play and as I was playing it, I was confused why there wasn’t an option in the menu to switch enemy health bars off.

This doesn’t mean that the game is rid of all its sins and a lot of my issues are still in the foundational core of the game, but this patch is a huge help to lighten the blow of some of the questionable changes they have made to the Nazi killing formula.

The patch is available now on PC and the console version is yet to have a release, but it should be soon.

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