Four things we love doing while playing video games

Okay, you’re reading this. So, I’m going to go ahead and assume you play video games. I play them too. It’s probably something a lot of us simply love to do. I mean what’s not to love about being transported into a new world and spending hours being completely immersed at the interactive crossroads of art and narrative, right? However, let’s be honest and say that many of us lead pretty busy lives as it is. And because of this, the recreation time we are able to donate to video games is special but also, often, limited. Plus, a lot of the games we are putting this precious time into tend to be a little mechanical/repetitive in nature. And while that on its own is not necessarily a bad thing – limited time and mindless grinding mean we often must (or choose to) do other things while gaming.

So how do you fill your video game time? Not sure? Well, here’s a list of four things we love to do while gaming to start us off…

Listening to music

For some, saying you are not listening to a game’s provided soundtrack is heresy. However, let’s be honest… while many games these days have fantastic music and talented voice acting, others just don’t. And even when the music is great, sometimes you just want to hear what you want to hear. And many of us can’t wait to crank up our favourite playlist on Spotify as we while away the hours in a virtual world.

Watching TV/Netflix/YouTube etc

This one is a tough one if your chosen game is narrative-heavy, technically difficult or for one reason or another requires deliberate concentration. But for many of us games are a welcome distraction. We’ll even return to games that we’ve played several times before, games that are super-grindy or others that just don’t require 100% of your attention. And in those cases, having your favourite TV show in the background works beautifully. Give me a few episodes of The Office or Survivor and Mario Kart and I’m a perfectly happy camper for several hours. Plus, with so much gaming-related content to follow online these days even playing games while watching games is becoming a reality.

Digital connection

In our ever-connected world, it seems like there’s hardly a moment we get to just ‘switch off’. While for many playing video games alone is just that – many of us feel drawn to even more connection. Whether it’s checking emails between matches, scrolling through our various feeds while loading-screens bear down on us or even the constant din of in-game chats ringing in our ears – many of us love to stay connected while playing video games.

Eating… usually unhealthily

It’s virtually a match made in my own slightly icky version of heaven: A favourite cartoony-platformer accompanied by a big bag of chips and a large glass of Coke. And, I know I’m not the only one. Sure, it’s kinda gross and our controllers bear the brunt of our oily fingers but let’s be honest, junk food and gaming have a long and storied history. And while snack foods are likely the main culprits, I have been impressed/horrified with some friends’ gaming/full meal combinations; Everything from a lunch consisting of a burger, a ridiculously large double-think milkshake and several Splatoon 2 sessions, to a roast chicken dinner partnered with a side order of potatoes and FIFA. It’s bad enough playing while eating – but how about we try throwing in a salad every once in a while, right?

So do you do any of the things above? have anything else to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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