Updated: New Resident Evil game to be revealed on 9 September

Update: It seems that the game it might be is another Resident Evil Outbreak game. The series originally launched on the PS2, but failed due to online gaming not being a big enough market at the time. These are the first images to be posted of the unannounced title:

Original: Capcom hit all the right notes with its recent Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 7 went back to its roots by bringing back items, puzzles and a horrifying setting that had us all on the edge of our seat. The Resident Evil 2 remake was a reminder at just how amazing the series originally was and now it seems we’re about to find out where they will be heading to next. 

Come 9 September Capcom will show off the new game in the series at TGS. This comes via an official new site that has gone live. Media and other people who attend the show will be able to get their eyes on some gameplay as the developers will be showing off the game for the first time. The game will be heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

The real question is – is this Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake? My bet is on the RE3 remake. The font and red ‘RE’ letters look far too reminiscent of Resident Evil 2 remake, which also features the RPD. Now we all wait. 

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