An electrifying addition to MHW: Iceborne

Hunters get ready for a shocker as the electrifying thunder dog returns. Capcom released a new trailer showing off a highlight reel of all the monsters already introduced and the ‘shocking’ reveal of the Zinogre. Originally introduced to the West in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, this thunder wolf is incredibly vicious, agile and most of all dangerously electrifying. From facing this beast many times myself the best advice I can give is to hunt with the utmost caution and distance and once an opening is available, and this thunder wolf ‘powers down’ swing your weapon as if it’s your last swing.

With a week remaining to Iceborne and this weekend offering an open beta, there’s no real reason not to dust off your Great Sword. Or pick one up, if you’ve never played Monster Hunter World before. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne releases on the 6th of September with the beta starting today, check out our previous post detailing the beta times and dates.

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