Destiny 2 Director explains how Year 3 seasons will work

One thing you have to give Bungie credit for is the way they’ve been supporting and evolving Destiny 2 over the last couple of years. This is going to be especially the case when Year 3 launches with Shadowkeep later this year.

In a blog post on, game director Luke Smith explained how the new seasons are going to work, and how certain activities will be locked to to that season. He also explained that all the activities will be available to all the players, but each of the seasons will have a free and premium version. There will be four seasons in Year 3 (which makes more sense) and each will cost $10, which can be bought separately. He also notes that Season 1 (Season of the Undying) will be included with Shadowkeep, but will be available separately if you don’t want to get the expansion.

He also mentions that each new Season will change the world of Destiny, as they want players to feel like they’re having an impact on the world:

With each new Season in Destiny, we want players to feel like they—as a community—are contributing to Destiny’s evolving world. Everyone who plays Destiny will be able to see how the world is different and changing during the Season. And at the end of the Season, your collective actions will have caused the world state to change and the Seasonal Activity connected to those events will also go away. Doing this allows us to evolve the world—narratively, but potentially physically as well. It is not possible to keep Destiny frozen in place to allow all activities to live forever while also changing the world in meaningful ways. 

It’s an interesting take on how Bungie is trying to make the world they’ve created feel more alive. At the same time, it’s also a good way for the developers to keep players engaged, especially if there’s a chance that you can miss out on something really good because you opted to skip a season.


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