Ornithophobes beware! Untitled Goose Game is launching later this month

A lot of us have a stange relationship with birds. I have several family members who apparently suffer from Ornithophobia – an intense (and seemingly irrational) fear of our fine feathered friends. Although, I’m not in the same boat I do have a history with geese. Or at least one goose in particular. When I was back at school I remember being chased by this goose. I was mostly surprised by the fact it was chasing me. In a moment of shocked (and unexpected fear) I turned to run away. While midstride and during this rather inelegant pirouette I slipped and fell. The bird didn’t really viciously attack me or anything, but let me tell you being unexpectedly frightened by a large bird is quite a thing. Add falling on your face while the rather large bird then playfully and loudly pecks at your head while being watched by a bunch of peers that are just hitting that ‘perfect’ teenage phase leaves a bit of a mark.

So with all that out of the way – it’s probably the perfect time to tell you that Untitled Goose Game – the game where you take on the role of a mischievous or rather seemingly deeply evil goose (I think I know the one personally) and cause general feathered mayhem is launching on the 20 of September. It looks like a lot of crazy fun so be sure to keep an eye for this oddball on the Switch or PC (via the Epic Store). Check out the video below for more info on what you can look forward to.

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