The Switch Lite launches at R3999 on 20 September

Have you been been dying to get your hands on the Switch, but the cost of the unit has left it out of your reach? The Switch Lite could just be the solution for you. It’s officially coming to South Africa and will launch on 20 September at a price of R3999.

If you’re not familiar with the Switch Lite then the first thing you should know is that it is a portable console only. Unlike the original Switch, you won’t be able to link to your TV in any way whatsoever. There are also no Joy-Cons that can detach – it’s one solid unit that is smaller in size to make it a better portable option. Games like 1,2 Switch! and Super Mario Party will unfortunately not be playable on the console as it requires you to play exclusively using Joy-Cons, but it’ll play most other games.

At launch it’ll come in three colours (Grey, Yellow and Turquoise) and comes with a much improved D-Pad, by the look of it. Here are some specs that explain the difference between the Lite and the original console:

Pre-orders are open right this very second.

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