Another ferocious addition to the MHW: Iceborne roster – Rajang

Since the launch of Monster Hunter: World, we know that Capcom treated fans with monthly content. Be it special events, new monsters, and even collaborations with other major franchises. Most were their own, such as Mega Man and Street Fighter. However, there’s been surprising instances such as the Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV collab. Well, hunters, it seems that we can expect similar releases. Last week we saw the announcement of a fan favourite the Zinogre. This week we get another BIG ONE. The savagely fierce Rajang.

Originally released in Monster Hunter 2, this beast is bound to leave the hairs on your neck standing. With nightmarish agility, this one’s going to give hunters a really tough time. Available to players in October during the expansions first free title update. Oh, and did I mention it is capable of going ‘super saiyan’? Well, it did, so let’s hope Capcom surprises us with its rage mode as well.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne releases in just two days. The 6th of September.

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