More Assassin’s Creed games might be on the way to the Switch

If you think back to the last generation, it would be a reminder that we received a bazillion Assassin’s Creed sequels. Once the original Assassin’s Creed made an impression with fans, the flood gates opened and the next thing we knew we were in essence a pirate assassin out at sea. Considering that the Switch is really a very beefed up PS3 or Xbox 360, it would make sense for more games in the series to head to the format and that is what could be happening.

This bit of information comes via Reddit. The Console Club, a retailer in Greece, uploaded listings for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Rogue. This has since of course been removed, but Reddit was there to grab a screenshot before anyone could do something about it. Since then the industry insider, Daniel Ahmad, confirmed that it’s real. 

According to the listing the games will retail as a bundle and will launch on 6 December. If you’re been keen for more Assassin’s Creed on-the-go, then this seems like a sure bet. Now, if only someone could perform magic to port Origins and Odyssey


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