Deadly Premonition has a sequel dropping next year

If ever there was a game where you did not judge the book by its cover, it was Deadly Premonition. Graphically this 2010 game was one par with a decent PS2 game and the handling was generally quite clunky. But, underneath these faults there was a lot of heart and goodness and from that a cult hit was born. 

If you’re familiar with the Twin Peaks setting, then it should be a good indication as any of what to expect from this title. The story was quite spectacular as you investigated the weird happenings and killings as FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan in a fictional rural town of Greenvale, Washington. As sub par as the game was technically, it just ended up being an incredible adventure and it’s now available on the Switch, right this minute.

The real good news, for fans of the first game, is that a sequel will be dropping next year. It returns to the same ‘serial killer’ theme where a current day FBI Agent, Aaliyah Davis, will open a door to the past that returns to events 14 years prior with Francis York Morgan.

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise will launch in 2020 for Switch. We’re sure it’ll come to other platforms too, though it will be exclusive to the Switch at launch

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