Steam’s library UI redesign goes to beta on 17 September

At the very start of this year, I did a post about Valve wanting to make some big changes to Steam. One of the bullet points included a completely redesigned library which made me quite excited because the Steam library has remained largely the same for years and years. It felt really outdated compared to other modern standards and it was high time for a redesign.

The visual overhaul has been in development for a while now and we haven’t really seen that many big reveals of the changes they are making. However, Valve announced in a post that starting on September 17th, the beta for the library redesign will go live and all users can opt into using it.

Here’s what it will look like:

As you can see, it’s a much more modern design that is in line with other more polished storefronts out there. In addition, developers will be given tools to create events that will give their players much more information than how it’s being done now. There will be more social features and the landing page will give you a nice broad overview of your library and all the happenings on your Steam account.

It was so sorely needed and it’s looking great so far. This is just the beta so there might be some hiccups, but it looks mostly complete from the look of it. I think Valve was getting a little embarrassed about their outdated design and considering their recent new pressures, it’s about time they did a little sprucing up.

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