Endless Space 2’s Awakening expansion brings a falling empire

Endless Space 2, the sci-fi 4X strategy game from Amplitude Studios, has a new expansion just around the corner.

Next week on 12 September the Awakening expansion will take players into the unknown. The expansion is by NGD Studios, which worked on Endless Legends’ Inferno and Symbiosis expansions.

A big feature of the expansion is a new major faction called the Nakalim. The Nakalim were once a massive, great empire, but fell into decline. They have a technological advantage in the start but are slow to research new technologies. Certain technologies can’t be researched unless the Nakalim can find lost Relics. To make up for this, they get bonuses in other aspects of empire management and can gain control of systems through a strong relationship with the Academy.

Speaking of the Academy, their influence among the stars is growing. The Academy works as an empire now, managing star systems, fielding fleets and colonising new worlds. Helping the Academy will earn players various Academy Roles, so better keep diplomatic channels open.

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