Nintendo made you buy cardboard and next is a plastic fitness ring thingy

Nintendo – the Japanese company that has zero care in the world of what people think of their risk taking exercises. Just over a year ago they introduced everyone to their weird and wonderful world of Labo, where kids and adult alike built functional toys using cardboard combined with the Switch. Well, get ready for their next wacky concept.

Late last night Nintendo randomly dropped a video showing off their next project they’re working on and at the time of writing it still does not have a name. We’ll call it the ‘plastic crazy-ass fitness ring thingy’. In the video you see people using some plastic ring and a strap-on around one of their legs with a Joy-Con attached to each item… while doing some crazy exercise-like movements. What game they’re playing? We have no clue. One thing is for sure – Nintendo are as cooked as ever and haven’t given up on the fitness scene that made them millions in the Wii era.聽

Are you ready for bat-shit crazy? Don’t say we didn’t warn you:

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