Rugby 20 has its first gameplay trailer

Yes, we all feel the same way. We want that Rugby 08 game, but with an upgrade of the current generation in mind. It’s now been over a decade since we last played a decent game of Rugby. While other sports progress with fantastic games, Rugby has been tackled into the gutter. Could Rugby 20 finally be the game that we’ve been after? It actually looks promising.

Below you’ll get a look at the first gameplay footage that shows off various aspects of the game. Firstly, it’s obvious that they have the Welsh and Italian licenses for the game, but they are yet to confirm the rest, which could be a problem for us. The biggest improvement comes in the form of the gameplay footage. Scrums, line-outs and general play looks quite solid. It’s fantastic to finally see set backline moves being executed in a rugby game and there is even a referee. Yes, I know Rugby 08 had a referee, but he has disappeared in most games since. 

There is a moment where one player gets tackled and confetti-like effects pop out of him. It’s them trying to put emphasis on the hard thump he just received, but it looks a little weird. 

Anyway, if you are excited for the Rugby World Cup then this game is as good as it’s going to get. We have no set release date yet.

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