Celeste developer confirms no sequel in the works

Celeste is one of those flash in the pan extraordinary indie games that managed to capture the hearts and minds of many that got to experience it. It’s a beautiful journey up a huge mountain and the platforming ranges from entirely doable to controller-throwing difficult, which is quite the nice spread. The game has been a darling in the public eye and following the release of the final big free DLC expansion, the question popped up whether there will be a Celeste 2.

Sadly, those that were hoping for a sequel will have their hopes crushed by developer Matt Thorson who told IGN, “We don’t really want to make a sequel to [Celeste]. Maybe in the future, we’ll change our minds, but right now we don’t know how we’d do a sequel justice. And, besides, we’re way more interested in making something new for our next release.” While not a hard no, it’s pretty clear that a sequel won’t be on the cards for a very long time.

Thorson also talked a little about the free DLC and how it shouldn’t become something that is simply expected from developers. He said, “First of all, we really should be charging for it,” and continued saying that they, “don’t like setting expectations that expansions of this size should be free.”

“We want to be clear to our audience that we’re only able to release this for free because we’re in a very fortunate position right now, and that this really isn’t a reasonable thing to expect from any developer, including us, in the future.” Which is a more than fair statement. Chapter 9: Farewell, the new free expansion releasing today, contains over 100 new levels, some new story and new original music which makes the comment about how they should be charging for it a lot more relevant. However, this will be Celeste‘s final hoorah and all we can do now is look forward to what the studio’s next adventure will be.

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