Come watch 13 minutes of raw The Surge 2 gameplay

The Surge isn’t exactly a hallmark franchise in the gaming world, but it has received an almost cult-like status. It’s very obviously taking notes from the Souls games, but its futuristic setting and unique limb-based combat does enough to set itself apart from its obvious inspirations. With the sequel, they’re trying to let the franchise flourish into its own and expand its horizons away from the claustrophobic setting of the first game.

We got a nice chunk of gameplay from Focus Home Interactive and it does a pretty good job at showing us what we’re dealing with here. You can watch it below:

The footage shows off a lot the new environment that we’ll be fighting through and the city of Jericho looks quite diverse from the initial look of it. Also, the video showed off a lot of the different playstyles and how they function in combat to give you an idea of the possibilities that you will encounter.

The gameplay admittedly looks a lot similar than the original, but much more refined and smooth with even further emphasis put on the limb-based combat. It might just be enough to move this franchise away from the “just okay” column and into the big leagues. We’ll find out if that happens when the game comes out on the 24th of September.

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