A more evil-looking Tyrant will return in the next Resident Evil game

The Resident Evil 2 remake reminded many players why the second game in the mainline series was such a massive success over 20 years ago and introduced many new players to Mr.X, or Tyrant as he is now officially known. Best you get yourself an extra pair of pants, we can hear his footsteps returning.

Capcom dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming Resident Evil game that will be shown off in more detail at TGS (Tokyo Game Show) this week. Rumours suggest that we can expect a Resident Evil Outbreak co-op online team-based shooter and the teaser trailer definitely adds to that theory. In the below trailer we have four people entering some sort of lab when suddenly they’re attacked by zombies and a licker. It’s then when the red-eyed Tyrant shows up with his fashionable hat who is under the control of an unknown villain. 

We’re expecting this to be some sort of 2020 release game. We’re just hoping it says away from the first quarter. That quarter has run out of space.

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