Gears 5 players will receive some extras as an apology for the game’s wobbly launch

Gears 5 has received a ton of praise from critics and players alike and it seems like a real return to form for the classic franchise. However, not everything has been good news as players have been absolutely plagued by problems during the game’s launch weekend. Mass reports have come out about matchmaking problems, connection issues and random kicks. It’s not totally out of the ordinary, but a game such as Gears 5 that has a big emphasis on multiplayer as well as single-player, it’s a pretty big misstep.

Thankfully, The Coalition is aware of the problems and have been apologetic about the whole affair. They’re also giving away some nice free stuff just to say thank you for our patience and while modest, it’s at least something:

The game was in early access on the 5th of September for Ultimate Xbox Game Pass members and the standard edition released today for everyone else. For those, like me, who only get to play the game today, it’s a nice little free bonus for essentially doing nothing. Suck on that, Ultimate Game Pass bourgeoisie.

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