Interview: Ghost Recon Breakpoint with executive producer Nouredine Abboud

With Ghost Recon Breakpoint just around the corner, you might have a few questions about the game. We got to sit down with executive producer Nouredine Abboud for a quick chat about the game, from progression to mechanics and tasty collectables.

Just how big is Auroa compared to Bolivia?

The playground is the same as Wildlands, but because around it is the water, the whole map is much bigger, but the length of the playground is as big as the previous game. If you add the fact that you can jump in on boats, it adds a little bit more variation, it’s also the opportunity for us in the future – we’ve already announced the Raid on the volcano – and you have ideas for what’s going to happen in this big playground in the future.

Wildlands allowed players to explore the world as they pleased, no matter their progression level – will this be the same for Breakpoint?

You can go anywhere you want. Obviously, there are some areas that are more protected than others.

Camouflage seems to play a big role as a new addition to the series along with the fact that bodies can now be picked up and hidden – will we be able to complete entire missions without being detected at all?

Some missions are do-able, but let’s say that the specificity of Ghost Recon is to be a Spec Ops game. It’s not necessarily a pure stealth game. Does stealth play a part in what Spec Ops do? Yes. Do we have situations that we can play only stealthy? Yes. However, on the other hand, with the drones, with the Wolves, with co-op, let’s just say that the stakes are quite high.

Tell us more about the vehicles. How will players take advantage of the drone technology and how have the traditional vehicles been improved on?

The biggest thing that came from our interactions with the community was that some of our gamers didn’t realise that, behind enemy lines, helicopters are very often the best way to go where you want. A lot of Spec Ops operations have been actually conducted by flying Spec Ops in, doing what they have to do, and then leave. The motorbike is a very good tactical tool – you can escape an area. However, conducting an assault with four guys on motorbikes, you’re running through a whole jungle, is probably going to fail. Sometimes people blame the engine where this would [harm] the strategy that they put in place. So, in this game we’ve added elements so that people can leverage the helicopters in a better way. This is something we learned from the fact that people just will launch themselves in some crusades, not always choosing the best vehicles to do them.

Kingslayer files and other collectables made Wildlands incredibly addictive. Will these type of collectables make a return and add to the narrative?

Yes, we have collectable elements, and yes we will be learning about the story. No, this time we didn’t go with the Kingslayer files because we put our energy into other elements, and we are working with actor Jon Bernthal. We have added a number of cinematics. But, yes you’re going to get some collectables, and yes you are going to learn about the world the more you play.

Can we expect a few other cameo surprises as before (looks at Sam Fisher / Predator in Wildlands)?

Yes, we are looking at crazy ideas for the future of Breakpoint, like we did with Wildlands.

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