Rage 2 invites you back with Rise of the Ghosts expansion later this month

The first big expansion for Rage 2, Rise of the Ghosts, is heading to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 26 September. The new expansion adds a new enemy faction and a large new region to explore, and a power that pops off heads.

Players will take the fight to the new Ghost faction in their home turf in a region called the Overgrown City. The Ghosts fled here during the Authority War and they survived by being ruthless, vicious and cruel… which sounds like most other people in the post-apocalypse.

Players will get a new weapon, the Feltrite Laser Launcher, to mess around with and a new ability called Void. Void can suspend opponents in the air for easy damage, or it can make heads explode. Neat.

There is also a new vehicle to get around, called the Ghost Motorcycle. Hopefully, the enemies are better in other fields than they are with naming things.

Rise of the Ghosts is part of the Deluxe Edition or can be bought separately.

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