The Burning Question: What game had the best graphics?

Graphics – it’s one of the main reasons we upgrade to new console generations or upgrade our graphics cards. It’s definitely not the be all and end all of everything in the games industry, but a game that looks as great as it plays is a good day for everyone. These days games look so spectacular that it’s hard to distinguish one title from the next, but there are some games that’ll blow your mind and remind you that you’re grateful for the sense of sight.

The question is, which game do you consider the best showcase of graphics to date? Of course this comes down to the formats you own. If you own a Switch you will likely not see anything quite as amazing as some games being run on top PC rigs. But, this is a game that stood out for you. For me it comes down to a game I just reviewed last week, Gears 5.

I bought the Xbox One X as I wanted to take advantage of HDR and 4K technology and running games at a better frame rate always helps. But, HDR was a big deal for me. Even if the S comes with HDR, I wanted it in 4K. Gears 5 just blew my mind. The backdrops and character models all look very realistic, but that’s not what got me going. It came down to the smaller details. Rooms are so detailed with everything you could imagine. The wall textures with splatters of blood, right down to floor tiles with unique patterns and debris scattered all over the show. Later on the orange skies meets the blue foreground, colours that perfectly compliment each other. The artists who worked on this game know their stuff. It was an absolute piece of art and every act brought a new theme into play that would drastically change up the particle effects your eyes got accustomed to in the previous chapter. It’s just so, so good. So much thought went into each and every scene. I can’t imagine anything topping it for me before the next generation rolls around.

So, what do you consider the best graphics you’ve seen? There is no wrong answer, as we all have different formats and setups that is your personal benchmark.

Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I'll play it, no matter the format.

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