Death Stranding gets a 48-minute gameplay trailer and a ton of new info

Death Stranding has remained largely a mystery since its debut on Sony’s stage and it has been shrouded by mystique ever since. Why is there a baby in a jar? What is all this talk about strands? What is actually going on? Kojima spun his wheels since that announcement and all we really got were trailers that only gave us more questions than answers. However, Kojima took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show and gave us a hefty gameplay sequence that enlightened us as to what the Sam Hill is going on around here.

Here’s the gameplay trailer in question:

There’s a lot to break down since we got a lot of new sequences that haven’t been seen before. Sam, Norman Reedus’ character, is on a mission to travel from the east coast of America to the west in an effort to connect settlements to the power grid and “save America”. In that journey, he can also deliver cargo to the settlements along his way and help out the struggling populace.

The gameplay trailer showed Sam traversing the landscape with a ton of cargo on his back and it seems that a big part of the game is traversal. You’ll brave mountains, rivers and rogue settlements in the game’s seemingly massive world. To help things along, Sam has a motorcycle he can ride as well as his carrier that he can use as a sort of hoverboard. The game also has a clever waypoint system that you can use to plot a course through the landscape.

Cargo seems to be a big component as you can load Sam up like he’s a Uhaul and those pieces of cargo can fall off if you’re not careful and you can even chuck the boxes into people’s faces.

We got to see a bit of the combat too with some enemies littering settlements that Sam takes out with a bola gun. There was also a huge boss battle with some sort of huge otherworldly creature that Kojima chucked grenades at for a while.

Smaller details of the trailer include the fact that the game has Monster Energy drinks to regain stamina. Hopefully Sam can’t die of a heart attack. You can also do stuff like play a harmonica that your baby in the jar likes as well as taking a break and enjoying the scenery for a while to regain some energy.

As for the multiplayer aspects, we got to see some footage of other players leaving behind items to find around the world. You can also leave messages that other players can “like” and I assume there will be some reward involved in doing that.

There was also a 7-minute briefing that happened which showed us a little bit more about the game’s story and why Sam is doing what he’s doing. Feel free to watch if you don’t mind some minor spoilers:

With all this new info, the blurry image of Death Stranding is starting to come into focus. It seems the game will be a huge open-world experience that’s focused on traversal and helping out settlements all across America. There’s still a little confusion in the air, but that’s just because it’s Kojima and he does that.

Death Stranding releases on the 8th of November exclusively on PS4.

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