Five things that don’t make sense in games

Sometimes you can play a game and not even stop once to think about what is going on, because you are having fun. A really fast hedgehog collecting rings? Whatever. A two minute limit in a skatepark? Sure. But then there are games where a deep story, or the realistic graphics and systems just make a moment stand out for you. Sometimes you accept them and move on, because well, that is the only way to proceed with the game. But too often you are left wondering why this is the case and how weird, dumb or just nonsensical a specific thing is.

Sometimes you need a good sip of Phoenix Down.

Character deaths when you have curative items/ magic

You go into dungeons, fight dragons, fight enemies with swords the size of a house and even if you fall over dead, a simple spell or item brings you back, ready to fight at full efficiency once more. Then an NPC or even a PC gets hit by one attack in a cinematic and oh geez, they dead. Like dead dead. Or they can’t do anything because they need time to heal up, because they are in pain now from the blow. Many RPGs are guilty of this, where story-based healing and in-game combat healing are somehow the same spells, but they take forever to work in one situation and are near-instant in the other. Another option would have been to mention how a single bullet/blade can kill a character, but you survived being blasted into the sun or another galaxy just fine.

Still as fresh as the local market stall, two years later.

Food that is fresh or chilled, forever

Playing WoW Classic has made me appreciate food and drink again, because my poor Shaman has a mana pool that an ant wouldn’t be proud of. One of the first drinks you move onto is Ice Cold Milk. Wait, do people in Azeroth have a deep freeze? How is it so cold? Also how is it so cold in my backpack as I go on a long trek across the Barrens? Why does this pirate have milk too? It makes no sense at all.

Pity you can’t get in here without the right key…

You can kill a god, but that door is too much

The disconnect between your strength in various aspects of a game often reveals itself in the puzzles. You have a weapon that is powerful enough to move mountains, to kill a god, to slice robots made of the toughest steel alloy clean in half. But you can’t enter that house over there without a key, even though the door and walls appear to be made from wood, or plain canvas. Sorry no, you can’t do this. From razor-sharp weapons to the strength to lift a truck, or you know, rocket launchers, none of these are options. In one game I remember not being able to go through shoji room dividers…

Puzzles where a small jump would solve everything

Sometimes puzzle games, or any game with a puzzle in them, make sure to provide massive impassible barriers. Things that make sense that they are blocking your progress. But when the puzzle is just to get past a chest-height wall, or in some cases, a wall that comes up to your ankle, I feel like things are taking the piss. Sure I need to believe in the rules of the world to play along in this game, but really, puzzle games where your character could just.. vault up or lift their leg to get over an obstacle are pretty obnoxious when you think about them for too long. Like those barriers in Darksiders 2 that if Death turned sideways, he could pass between the massive gaps between the struts.

Animals missing body parts

If you have played an MMO or any RPG, you probably got a quest that involved getting animal parts from all and sundry. Maybe to make a new wallet or just because that weirdo at the edge of town wants to put the bones in his pipe to get really high and tell you a story. But then you kill the beastie in question and… no loot. I get that maybe, in some cases, it was a delicate part and you ruined it when you killed the enemy with MAXIMUM FORCE, but when every animal in Mulgore seems to be missing paws, I have to ask what weird horror world I have gotten myself into. Maybe WoW Classic was warning us about what was coming many years later? Or the animals are just… something straight out of a horror genre.

I could probably go on all day about these, what things in games make no sense to you, or give you pause?

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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