Gearbox says performance patches are coming soon

Borderlands 3 has performance issues on all platforms, causing frustration and upset to those who want to play the game but find it sub-optimal or unplayable. Gearbox has confirmed it is working on the issue.

“We are working on performance and quality of life improvements and will have more to share soon.”

Soon is a rather nebulous timeframe, however and something a bit more concrete would have gone a long way. Many players on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are playing in the 30fps visual mode, opting for stability rather than watching the game miss its 60fps target in performance mode.

The PC version has random stuttering, a framerate counter that doesn’t seem to be linked to framerate, crashes and wobbly performance. It also had a bug that caused some players to lose progress, which has since been fixed.

For those playing without issue, count yourself lucky while everyone else waits to see just how long soon is.

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