This GRID trailer will get your heart racing

The original release of GRID in 2008 came with a specific ingredient that was absent from any other racer at the time – unpredictability. Nothing was certain in any race as the AI was quite hardcore. Sometimes AI would just randomly make mistakes and bump your position up the grid. It felt like real racing. Codemasters promises even further improvements with GRID this year.

The below trailer highlights what players can expect and one important feature is again the AI. It’ll change its behaviour if it feels that you are a threat or bumped into it too many times. It might start the race in a ‘cool’ state, but then change to something more aggressive later in the race towards you or even other AI rivals. You can go as far as creating or becoming a nemesis. 

As before you’ll progress in the disciplines that you enjoy playing and, as you might know by now, you’ll be facing off with Fernando Alonso who officially endorsed this game. There are plenty events and online multiplayer will play a big role too. 

GRID launches on 11 October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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