PlayStation will air another State of Play next week

Sony have been incredibly quiet. They had just about no presence at E3, Gamescom and TGS in terms of their annual showcase and even the PlayStation Experience is on the backburner. They have obviously been working on anything and everything PS5. But, hold on to your horses, this State of Play isn’t going to be about their next console. 

On their official blog that state that there will be no news on the next generation. It’s a good thing they mention that, as we’re sure you’re all waiting for news on that. Next week on 24 September at 10 pm (SA time) they will drop another State of Play video detailing new games as well as more info on games we’re already aware of. The video will be 20 minutes in total and according to them it’ll host a whole new style. 

You’ll be able to watch it on their official YouTube, Twitch and Facebook pages. We will however remind you all next Tuesday, with an embedded video of the show.

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