Valve tweaks Steam Discovery update after visibility complaints

Valve just recently changed Steam’s algorithms for the Discovery feature, which aimed at showing more games you might like, rather than whatever is popular at the moment.

After it went live, many indie developers complained that the update had caused their games to get shown even less, resulting in fewer people wishlisting their games. This was complicated by other indie developers not noticing any downward trend after the update.

Valve acknowledged that the More Like This section of the store was favouring released games over upcoming games, and would be making changes.

“Prior to the Sept. 12 change, many unreleased games were shown prominently in the ‘More Like This’ section on other games. The games shown in this section were also less likely to ever change, which made it hard for new releases that were more relevant to appear in a way that made sense to players shopping for games to play. This was not what we had originally intended for this section, but over time it had come to represent a lot of impressions (views of the game’s branding image) for some unreleased games.”

“The September 12th changes to this section balanced out the games that were shown, highlighting more games that players could play right away. Additionally, some changes we made to show fewer games the customer already owned included a bug which caused those games to still show and take up slots on the page.”

Valve says that it is running an experiment on 20% of the Steam user base: the More Like This section will display games from a randomised pool of related games, which will show unreleased games too. The full More Like This page for each game will have separate sections for upcoming releases, new releases and top sellers.

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