Burning Question: How do you feel about “games as a service?”

Prophets and keyboard warriors have long predicted the demise of good single-player games, and while that seems very doubtful considering some of the great story driven, single-player experiences we got over the last couple of years, one cannot help but wonder where the industry is going.

It seems that every publisher is jumping on the “Games as a service” bandwagon, since they all finally figured how to replicate the World of Warcraft formula on all other platforms. Games that were traditionally single-player, or just co-op games are all going the live service route because of the lucrative potential of selling a game once and making a lot more out of it with constant updates and content.

All of these games have road maps and timelines of when these things are to be released, with the games constantly being tweaked and systems put in place to make people spend more. Which I will admit I don’t really have a problem with if the content is good and worth the extra you pay. I’m not going to talk about microtransactions and loot boxes here, but yes, they are also present in the live service type games.

Something else to consider as well is that these games demand ALL of your commitment, leaving you with very little time to play and enjoy anything else. Which again, a lot of people are fine with, since they invest in that world and enjoy the time spent there with their friends. But it does mean that you get experience less variety in the games you play.

With the recent release of Borderlands 3, and the upcoming Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and more, how do you feel about Games as a Service? I personally am happy I’m not too invested in any of these type of games anymore, as I get to experience a wealth of other games because as they say, variety is the spice of life, or something like that.

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