Rain invades another track in GT Sport

Another month, another free update. This month the update isn’t quite as big as previous versions, but there is now another track that allows you the opportunity to complete it in the wet. 

Head to the Tokyo Expressway and you’ll now find the option to change the weather to a wet forecast where your vehicle will be slipping and sliding into the corners. I gave it a go last night and it seems a bit more slippery than that of the Red Bull Ring. It could be due to oil on the city roads? Either way, you also have an additional four cars in the mix:

  • Chevrolet Corvette StingRay Racer Concept ’59
  • Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Package ’18
  • Ferrari 365 GTB4 ʼ71
  • Dodge Super Bee ’70

The following has also been added to update 1.45:

  • Seven new rounds for GT League.
  • Michelin’s logo will be appear throughout the game as part of our new partnership.
  • New features in the Museum and Scapes (Michelin Museum and Option to put raindrops on Cars in Scapes)


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