The Panzer Dragoon remake team has The House of the Dead series in its sight

Thanks to there being no official SEGA hardware these days, we often see many of SEGA’s brilliant franchises being left to the wayside. But times are changing. We saw the fantastic Sonic Mania being developed outside of SEGA (though they monitored the project). Steets of Rage 4 is on its way to us all and Panzer Dragoon is seeing a revival on the Nintendo Switch, which was great news at E3 earlier this year, but now the team that is working on that seems to have their next conversion in mind – House of the Dead.

Polish Forever Entertainment are the team in charge of Panzer Dragoon and the news comes via a Polish gaming news site. Unfortunately it’s not entirely certain whether it’s just a reboot of the series for the Switch or if it’s a complete remake, like Panzer Dragoon. The Switch would of course be the perfect console for lightgun games thanks to its IR sensor, but you’ll require two right Joy-Con’s to play with an additional player. 

As long as House of the Dead: Overkill is part of their plans it’ll please us immensely. It’s expected to launch in 2020, should the rumours be true.

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