The Nintendo Switch is getting its own Brain Training game

One of the more popular exports of the 3DS (may it rest in peace) was its odd but totally sensible Brain Training titles. They were designed to keep your mind sharp by presenting simple brain challenges using math, counting and various mini-games that all aimed to improve memory and problem-solving. While niche, they were rather compelling for someone who just wanted to keep their mind from waning when the inevitable mundanity of daily life catches up with them.

Now it seems that the Nintendo Switch is getting its own Brain Training game, but it’s only been announced for Japan for now. Check out the video for it below:

The various mini-games on offer use the Nintendo Switch’s many features such as its touchscreen and the Joy-Cons that can be used to play rock, paper scissors to solve maths. It’s weird, but it works. We also get a glimpse into the new stylus that’s going to be available for the console. It’s nothing earth-shattering and just some clever counting puzzles and simple arithmetic, but from what I’ve seen previously, these games do get pretty difficult once you crank up the complexity.

At the moment it’s unclear if the game will come to the west, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it eventually will make it to our shores. I’m not sure how large the target market is for something like this, but hey, if you’ve been feeling like your brain doesn’t get stimulated enough by the constant stream of information bombarding us at every single turn, this might be just the game for you.

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