Game releases for October 2019 – With predictions!

Hello and welcome to October! It’s spooktacular, it’s warm and let’s not forget, it’s filled to the brim with game releases. October has always been one of the biggest months of the year for games and 2019 is certainly no exception as our list of future releases stretch quite far and I had to do some prodigious cutting in order to not have a colossal article. The games chosen are the cream of the crop and as is tradition, we’re going to chat a little bit about each of them. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – PC, PS4, XBO – October 4

Ubisoft had a big breakthrough with Ghost Recon Wildlands. While the game released in a fairly embryonic state, the continued support helped elevate it to something that they could be proud of and that we could have a blast playing. The game’s gigantic map, the awesome guns and tactics you can use and the fantastic co-op made it something that you couldn’t really ignore.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the natural evolution of what they started in Wildlands and essentially everything has been dialled to 11. We’re on the island of Aurora this time and a much bigger emphasis will be placed on survival with you having to manage fatigue, hunger and all the usual survival goodness. It’s more ambitious for certain and at least promises to be more extravagant than Wildlands in terms of sheer scope and possibilities, which is probably what fans of the series wanted.

Prediction: The online-only stuff gives me significant pause and something tells me this might be one of those Ubisoft games-as-a-service types that has no soul. Wildlands was awesome, but I think Breakpoint might have some trouble breaking through. I’m going with a 7/10 on this one, sadly.

GRID – PC, PS4, XBO – October 11

There’s been a dearth of arcade racers in recent years with the only real contender being the Forza Horizon series and not much else. Back in the day, GRID was one of the bigger racing franchises that tried to bring pure racing action in the form of an arcade-simulation hybrid that worked surprisingly well. The franchise sadly fell off the edge of the earth, but now it’s getting rebooted into the modern-day.

GRID, the new one, looks about as you expect. It’s shiny, it’s fast and it looks like a bundle of fun. There’s a big gap in the market for purely fun racers and GRID looks like it can fit that bill. One of the more interesting parts of the game is that it will have a Nemesis System which means that you can’t just shove your opponents around like pinballs anymore without some consequences which is certain to spice up the races.

Prediction: You know, I’m feeling good about this one. It will be pretty difficult to mess up an arcade-like racer, especially a modern-day one, and I believe this will be a petrol-infused hoot. 8/10 is my prediction.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – PC, PS4, XBO – October 25

While the Call of Duty franchise is often the whipping boy for cynics because of its annual releases, I can’t help but feel a certain type of admiration for it. The games are almost always of great quality and last year’s Black Ops 4 managed to surprise me a lot in terms of what it brought to the table, even if it was multiplayer-only. This year’s Call of Duty, however, promises to be something completely different.

We’ll have a traditional campaign again, but the game is designed to look like current-day conflicts and will feature moral dilemmas that are sure to make us question our sanity. I’d even describe it as gritty from what we’ve seen so far and there’s a whole different vibe coming from this game than the previous ones. Something almost unsettlingly real. The multiplayer will also feature more realistic battles with more emphasis being placed on tactics rather than hopping around the map madly and quickscoping foes with a bacon sniper rifle. This looks like a Call of Duty that might finally shake things up.

Prediction: There’s a special place in my heart for the Modern Warfare subseries and to see it getting rebooted fills me with excitement. I am not really a fan of the futuristic warfare malarkey and to see us go back to some roots while trying something totally different has me very excited. I’m hoping for a 9/10 here, which sounds high but is entirely possible.

The Outer Worlds – PC, PS4, XBO – October 25

Obsidian Entertainment has always been a black sheep, if you’ll excuse the pun. They focus on RPG experiences and while some of them are a bit iffy, some of them are the best the genre has ever seen. Fallout: New Vegas, while just a reskinned Fallout 3, became my favourite Fallout game off the merits of its absolutely brilliant narrative. Similarly, it looks like The Outer Worlds will be the Fallout game we wished existed if Bethesda didn’t decide to huff paint and go completely off the deep end.

The Outer Worlds promises to be a pure RPG experience with branching narratives featuring some megacorporations and conspiracies while giving you literally all the options to play as you like. It’s one of those games that allow you to go through it without killing anyone and you can really craft your character from scratch which is something we haven’t really seen in recent years all that much. For an RPG nerd like myself, there’s a lot of anticipation for Obsidian’s latest effort.

Prediction: Honestly, this game has the potential to go into the 10/10 territory, but I’ll temper expectations a little and predict it’ll be an 8/10. Obsidian certainly have the pedigree when it comes to narrative, but they’re often a wild card when it comes to compelling gameplay.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Switch – October 31

Our ghostly adventures with the more handsome of the Super Mario Bros. is continuing in Luigi’s Mansion 3. This time we’ll be heading to a hotel instead of a mansion and the game will be a lot more open than the previous titles in the franchise that were largely mission-based.

Since this is a Nintendo game, you can pretty much expect it to be high-quality, lovingly crafted and super fun. Luigi’s ghost sucking will reach new heights in the series’ debut on the Switch and the new hotel promises surprises on every floor with new themes and different mechanics to keep things fresh.

Prediction: The Luigi’s Mansion games have always been adored even if it’s not really a huge franchise in the Nintendo pantheon. This seems like a no-frills sequel, aiming to build off the strengths of the previous games and hopefully reaching new heights. For these reasons, I think an 8/10 is the safe bet while it can go up to a 9/10 if it’s fun enough.

Here are some more games releasing this month:

Destiny 2: New Light – PC, PS4, XBO – October 1
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep DLC – PC, PS4, XBO – October 1
What The Golf? – PC – October 1
Warsaw – PC – October 2
Neo Cab – PC, Switch – October 3
Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory – PC – October 3
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – October 4
BurgerTime Party! – Switch – October 8
Call of Cthulhu – Switch – October 8
John Wick Hex – PC – October 8
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – October 8
Trine: Ultimate Collection – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – October 8
World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition – PC – October 8
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – October 8
Concrete Genie – PS4, PSVR – October 9
Deliver Us The Moon – PC – October 10
Tangle Tower – PC, Switch – October 10
AeternoBlade 2 – PS4, XBO, Switch – October 11
Frostpunk: Console Edition – PS4, XBO – October 11
Killer Queen Black – Switch – October 11
Children of Morta – PS4, XBO, Switch – October 15
Disco Elysium – PC – October 15
Overwatch Legendary Edition – Switch – October 15
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition – Switch – October 15
Zombieland: Double Tap – Road Trip – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – October 15
The Fisherman: Fishing Planet – PC, PS4, XBO – October 17
Kine – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – October 17
Monkey King: Hero is Back – PC, PS4 – October 17
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition – PC, PS4 – October 17
Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – October 18
Pig Eat Ball – PS4, XBO, Switch – October 18
Raging Loop PS4, Switch – October 22
WWE 2K20 – PC, PS4, XBO – October 22
MediEvil – PS4 – October 25
Disgaea 4 Complete+ – PS4, Switch – October 29
Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and the Lion King – PC, PS4, XBO, Switch – October 29
Resident Evil 5 – Switch – October 29
Resident Evil 6 – Switch – October 29
Resident Evil Triple Pack – Switch – October 29
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD – PS4, XBO, Switch – October 29
Yakuza 4 (The Yakuza Remastered Collection) – PS4 – October 29

Phew, that was quite the list and I didn’t even talk about other big titles such as MediEvil’s remake or John Wick Hex which looks fascinating. It’s going to be one heck of a spooky month and I’m sure all of our wallets are going to collectively start crying and then create a support group for each other to cope with all this gaming madness. What are you looking forward to this month?

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