Switch Lite updated version could already be on its way

There’s a lot to like about the new Switch Lite. In fact, after reviewing it Dawid scored it a ‘Great’ 8 out of 10. And that is particularly significant considering this Switch version doesn’t ‘Switch’ and is missing a few other key features like detachable Joy-Cons and HD Rumble. However, the consensus seems to be: as a new piece of tech – it’s very well made, hits a much more digestible mark price-wise and provides a pretty fantastic on-the-go handheld experience, especially when you consider the games that are available on the system.

Unfortunately, despite the optimism for the new system, Joy-Con Drift is surprisingly still a major concern. An issue that popped up for a number of users of the original Switch may also be present on the new ‘mini’ model. It’s somewhat understandable that the original Switch shipped with this problem. It seemingly hadn’t been identified yet, and Nintendo has garnered some appreciation for (somewhat belatedly) offering to fix or replace faulty Joy-Cons at no cost. However, as echoed by many of us – why did Nintendo ship a ‘new’ console if they knew that there was still a drift issue?

Well, less than a month since the Switch Lite’s release, it seems they’ve seen the error of their ways. According to Digital Trends:

According to new documents the company filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday, Nintendo has a new version of the Switch Lite on the way. The new model has been given the FCC identification number BKEHDH002 – the earlier model was submitted with the ID number BKEHDH001.

Of course, there’s no confirmation that this new “2.0” model is being worked on due to the Joy-Con drift issue, but amid the increased attention this problem is receiving – it’s almost more concerning if it’s anything else. That being said, for early adopters, this is a bit of a gut-punch. And I can already see calls for free-exchanges being requested if not another legal battle on their hands.

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