A hidden boss in The Division 2 took over two months to find

Nothing inspires people to go hunting for secrets than being told that a secret is there, still waiting to be discovered. The Division 2 is full of secret enemies that require a few hoops to jumped through, or shot, before they spawn. It appears one hidden boss was never found and the developers dropped some vague clues to spur on the secret hunters.

In a State of the Game livestream, developer Trick Dempsey commented on the hidden boss evading players in Manning National Zoo.

“I felt really strange that we’re doing, ‘Hey, here’s a bunch of new bosses here inside of Manning National Zoo,’ when people haven’t even found all of the bosses in Manning National Zoo.”

Dempsey and stream host Hamish Bode then provided some fairly vague hints about the boss. For starters, there is no interactable object until you do some things in an area that is “a football field’s length in which you are doing nothing.”

Two hours later, someone posted about spawning the hidden boss on Reddit. It involves shooting beehives before interacting with a panel at the butterfly exhibit and then The Agony spawns, ready to be taken down for some nice loot.

The chances of stumbling onto this without any clues seems really low, but there is nothing like being told there is something left undiscovered to prompt some people heading in with a fine-tooth comb.

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