Destiny 2 hits 200,000 concurrent players on Steam on its first day

In case you were unaware, Destiny 2 has now officially gone free-to-play and the new Shadowkeep expansion has released alongside this new change. Since Bungie jumped ship from Activision, the game is no longer available on Blizzard’s launcher and has launched on Steam. Since we can see the stats for concurrent players on Steam, we can gauge just how well this launch has been for Bungie and it turns out, it did extremely well.

Reported by GitHyp, there was a peak of 219,000 concurrent players during the first day of Destiny 2‘s new leaf on Steam which puts it amongst some of the most popular titles of the platform, even if it’s still pretty far behind those at the top. It was so popular that some players had trouble logging in and some emergency server maintenance needed to happen which means this number could have been even higher.

Destiny 2: New Light is what the free-to-play offering is called which includes most of the Year One content and allows players to reach max level and 750 power. It’s essentially the starter pack, but it’s quite the significant experience already. The Year Two expansions, Forsaken and the freshly released Shadowkeep will cost you extra to obtain.

Destiny 2 had been a tumultuous title for Bungie and the association with Activision has been a thorn in their side since the beginning. However, with their newfound freedom, the sky is the limit to what they can offer in the future and it’s an exciting time for the legendary developer right now. I’d love to be one of those concurrent players right now, but the 80GB download is going slower than a drunk wizard on the moon.

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