Rumour: PS5 to include built-in camera

Make no mistake, the next generation rumours are about to go into overdrive with 2020 promising to reveal what we can expect from the future of this industry. If there is something that blossomed in this generation then it’s the ability for any user on earth to stream their gaming experience online with friends and strangers. Apparently the next generation is about to kick it up a notch.

According to Gizmodo the PS5 will come with a built-in camera. They originally wrote that both consoles would come with that feature, as you can see below:

Our tipster’s most interesting series of claims concerned the cameras included with the PS5 prototype and Project Scarlett. Thanks to Twitch, YouTube, and even Microsoft’s Mixer, video game streaming is a huge business right now. Lots and lots of people make money by streaming video of themselves playing games, sometimes for audiences of thousands of people. Consequently, high-quality camera support for consoles is practically required if Sony and Microsoft want to lure streamers to their platforms.

Thereafter someone from Microsoft reached out to them to let them know that it’s bogus about it being a feature on the Scarlett:

A Microsoft spokesman denied any camera technology is in development and that none has been delivered to developers in any form. The orignial post remains as originally written.

We expect that the Kinect in the last generation left a sour taste in their mouth. Sony did not respond and according to their tipster, he’s seen it with his own eyes. Let’s just hope that if it’s true that those who would like to turn it off can do so. 


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