The captivating cosplays of Comic Con Africa

Phew! Convention season is finally over, now we can all go back to our normal lives again. What a roller coaster of events it has been these last few weeks, but it all turned out quite fantastic. The cosplays, even more so.

This year’s Comic Con Africa really did have the cream of the crop in terms of cosplay, I was simply blown away! There was so much talent walking the halls that it felt nearly impossible for me to grab even a photo of them all. That said I really tried my best, and if you or your friends don’t appear in the gallery below, please know that it was entirely my fault. You all looked so amazing!

Jay Jay Cosplays as Tony Stark.

One of the stand-out things for cosplayers at CCA was definitely the Cosplay Central spot that was provided to us. While a few extra floor fans would have been greatly appreciated, the spot allowed friends to enjoy each others’ company, grab some pictures, fix what might have broken while manoeuvring through the bustle of the con and gave access to some nicely sized lockers. It was an area we truly felt comfortable in… for the most part. There were more than a few times where the crowds passing by made us feel like animals in a zoo, but we tried to ignore it for the most part. You tend to get used to being stared at while in costume.

Along with the nice little hangout spot came some extra changes that I feel the community really appreciated; every day a casual cosplay competition was held where entrants could strut their stuff in front of three judges. Not only that, but it was also held on the main stage. Usually, at a convention, there’s just a cosplay masquerade/procession that allows cosplayers to walk either through a crowd in a line or briefly across a stage set up for smaller events. To see so many community members being able to stand in front of a large crowd, and for them to hear a sizable cheer from said crowd for their hard work is just so heart-warming!

Casual Cosplay Judges – Queen Geek, Kimi, and Princess Magpie.

The main stage also saw the return of the cosplay championships, where entrants bring their A+ game, and then some. Although there are many categories for the competitors to win in, the overall Best in Show winner not only gets a big cash prize, but gets to attend C2E2 in Chicago to compete in the Crown Championships of Cosplay! Last year the winner at CCA was Kinpatsu Cosplay, in her Sister of Battle, and she ended up placing second overall at the event. An extremely high standard to set, but I honestly believe that this year’s winner could gain the same results!

This year’s winners for each category are as follows:

All-in-all, this year’s ComicCon Africa raised the standards for every other local convention by miles, and the cosplayers are rising along with it. I truly cannot wait for next year, even though going all four days has made me tired down to my soul. At least I managed to get some nice shots of all your hard work, so I’m happy!

If you were a cosplayer I photographed or shot a clip of, and you’d like a nice link to that media, find me on social media and send me a DM! I’ll be more than happy to supply.

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