FGV winner is breaking some points – and our weekly wrap up!

Welcome to the weekend all you lovable folks. Also, welcome to October! I know, it’s very nearly time that the shops are going to start putting up Christmas decorations and that frankly blows my mind. 2019 is flying by quicker than Superman who accidentally fell into a vat of Monster Energy Drink. We’re all still mining away at our various review games, but don’t feel too sorry for us. When playing games is technically “work”, you don’t have much to complain about now do you? Let’s see what happened this week, shall we?

Weekly wrap up!

My face when… Actually, this is just my face all the time.

Firstly, it’s the start of a new month and that means a game releases post, so head over there to see what’s popping in October. Spoiler, it’s a lot. Our reviews are also plentiful and we had Dawid having a go on the Switch Lite, Charlie built his perfect waifu in Code Vein, Zain stayed frosty in Monster Hunter: World Iceborn, Garth donned some lazer pointers in Cat Quest II and Tim didn’t want to spin the slot machine in NBA 2K20.

For our list this week, Tim did a wonderful piece on the things the gaming industry could do without, Garth proposed a truce to the Horde versus Alliance war and Bianca did an absolutely fantastic post about the cosplays of Comic Con with some wonderful photos to go through. Finally, our Burning Question asked how you find people to play games with. I would certainly love to know.

Comment of the week!

Our comment of the week comes from good old Kromas who gave me a chuckle in the Martha is Dead teaser trailer article:

The funny thing is that I’ve never seen the movie that the comment is referencing, but I still got the joke. Maybe I should watch Batman Vs. Superman now that all the hate has died down. Wait, it’s 3 hours long? Well, put it in the “watch in retirement” box with the rest of them.

The winner!

It seems everybody wanted a piece of Ghost Recon Breakpoint as it’s one of the most popular prizes we’ve had in a while. It was quite the tough battle to be crowned the winner this week and as you guys know by now, there can only be one. The lucky winner is none other than:

Michael Potgieter

Congratulations to Michael for winning this week’s prize! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prizes to you. Enjoy ghosting around the island!

Thanks to Megarom for sponsoring this week’s prize!

What’s happening this weekend?

If you’re ever wondering what the SA Gamer crew does on weekends, wonder no more! Here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll be spending our weekends:

Dawid: I have family visiting me this weekend, so I expect little gaming to be done. It’ll be all about rugby, braai and beers. [Short. Simple. Daring. Dawid.]

Garth: I sometimes feel like whatever I plan to do on the weekends ends up going completely differently, but I hope to hop into Ghost Recon and to spend some time in FFXIV, because there is an event with really nice mounts up for grabs and whatever the game, I need all the mounts and pets. [Same, brother. Not the fact that I need all the mounts and pets, I already have enough in my basement, but every time I make plans, it’s like the universe conspires against me around every turn.]

Charlie: I’m in the process of playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint and will have all my thoughts on it for everyone by Monday. Other than that, well you know the usual stuff I do on a weekend will happen because like all human beings, I am a creature of habit. [I guess I’m not a human because nothing about my life can be described as habitual. Am I an alien? It would explain a lot, honestly. Take me home, space family. I’m ready.]

Bianca: I’m going to be enjoying the first non-Convention weekend by cleaning the house. But hoping to get into some story-heavy games like The Witcher 3. It’s been such a cool experience reading the books while playing the game. There are so many gaps being filled, no pun intended, that it really helps love the world it’s set in. Maybe nap somewhere in there, too! [Hey, it’s Bianca! I don’t think I can be any more proud of a person than I am of this woman. Firstly, she’s an amazing cosplayer and wonderful human being, and secondly, her first entry into this section includes THE WITCHER 3. Oh lord, here I go crying again.]

Marko: I’m honestly shocked that it’s weekend again and my plans from last weekend haven’t changed much. I still need to get further in Gears 5 and Sekiro, but I think I’ll have Gears 5 done by next week. I also have a saucy review game to play which looks to be a bundle of fun, so my weekend is all booked up.

The convention season has now come to a close, but October is looking to be spicy in terms of game releases. Prepare yourself for all of the Halloween specials that probably everything you love will partake in, but some horror has never hurt anybody, has it?

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