FIFA 20 Global Series registration process potentially leaked 1,600 users’ data

I recently got the opportunity to review FIFA’s latest outing. Nothing really blew my mind (and microtransaction are still the scourge of the industry), but, on the whole, I really enjoyed it. Volta is a nice addition and personally I prefer FIFA’s [slightly] more speedy, arcadey feel. Unfortunately, it seems EA made a serious blunder yesterday during the FIFA 20 Global Series registration process.

As explained by Luke Plunkett (writing for Kotaku) when players began registering to become FUT Champions Verified competitors and got to the detail confirmation page “…they were shown a screen displaying the personal details, including email address and date of birth, of a different player.”

Once EA was notified of the issue, the registration page was quickly taken down. It is now back up but it seems as many 1,600 people could have been affected by the issue. The EA Sports FIFA Twitter account posted this statement a few hours ago:

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