House of the Dead remakes confirmed

Thanks to the arrival of LCD, LED and OLED screens, the lightgun genre has somewhat disappeared off the face of the earth as it required a CRT TV to function back in the day. The Wii got around that with its sensor several years ago where the genre thrived. You can argue that you can still find it in the world of VR, which is quite true, but most traditional players will struggle to find anything similar on their format of choice. House of the Dead is making its way back.

We recently reported on a rumour from a Polish game site and it turns out that the rumours are true as the developers spilled the beans on Twitter. 

We weren’t sure whether we would see ports or a brand new games, but we can now confirm that the first two games in the series will be remade for the current generation. The Polish leak details a Switch version that is in the work, which would work with the IR sensor, but according to their Tweet they have not confirmed formats or a release date. 

If you’re a fan of the genre there is a small glimmer of hope for this series.


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