Bully 2 was scrapped after a year of development

Bully is one of those cult classics that people have been begging for a sequel, even though that begging has been happening for an extremely long time. There has always been some hope that a Bully 2 exists somewhere, but with Rockstar focusing so much on their blockbuster franchises, that hope started to dwindle that we’ll return to school ever again. Now, thanks to some sources over at Rockstar, it seems all hope is finally lost.

Speaking with VGC, some sources came forward about the development of Bully 2. According to them, there was a playable version of Bully 2 that used the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine and was running a “very small slice” of the game. “It existed, it was playable, it was just a shame it never got off the ground,” one source said. The team at Rockstar New England spent between a year and 18 months developing the sequel and building out concepts, but it ultimately led nowhere.

The game’s story would have focused on Jimmy, the first game’s protagonist, during his time in education, perhaps at school or college and apparently the game began at Jimmy’s step-dad’s house. The game would have featured many returning characters, but the team didn’t really know where the story would take Jimmy.

This new info puts a pretty conclusive nail into the coffin of Bully 2 and any further hope would just be too optimistic. My hunch here is that Rockstar didn’t want to develop a Bully 2 since it couldn’t be as monetized as their other franchises and it doesn’t really have the pull to be a multi-million unit seller. Rockstar is entirely focused on money at the moment and any deviation from that will be very surprising. It’s a bloody shame.

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